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Welcome to the Kansas City St. Andrew Pipes & Drums!

For 60 years we have worked to preserve the traditional music of Scotland, and to further the Scottish arts in Kansas City and abroad. The band was founded in 1962 and incorporates the talents of over forty musicians, ranging in age from teens to over seventy. We are primarily a community-oriented band committed to furthering the development of piping and drumming in Kansas City and the Midwest.


We currently field a Grade V competition band. In addition to our many successes over the years in band events, including second place in piping at the World Pipe Band Championships (Grade 3-A 2001), many of our members have competed and taken prizes in some of the most prestigious solo piping and drumming contests in North America, with over eight of our members competing in the professional grade, and with several more competing at the grade one and two levels. But foremost, we pride ourselves in being a family-oriented organization.

The band actively supports the cultural diversity of Kansas City through participation in the Kansas City St. Andrew Society's Robert Burns dinner, the Snake Saturday parade, the Kansas City  St. Patrick's Day Parade, many graduations around the region, the Ethnic Enrichment Festival, the KC Irish Festival, the Kirkin' of the Tartans at Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral, our services to the Kansas City St. Andrew Society, and many, many other events.

We are also available for private performances and members are available for solo, or small group engagements.

We proudly offer piping and drumming instruction at no cost to those interested in joining the band.  We offer lessons in the great highland bagpipes, the Scottish snare drum, the tenor or bass drums, from some of the top competitive pipers and drummers in North America. For more information and enrollment, please contact us.  

For additional information on booking, please contact Rory McKee.

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